Automatic Combustion Ion-Chromatography (CIC) Analysis System for Halogens & Sulfur

This system can be connected with any types of ion chromatograph instrument.

Energy Dispersive X-rayFluorescence Analyzers – OURSTEX Series

Energy dispersive type fluorescent X-ray analyzer can realize on-site elemental analysis in non-destructive and rapid way.

Ultra Compact (Portable) AtomicElemental Analyzers – Micro Emission Series

It is small, safe and economical technology, because it does not use argon and high power.

AUTO-Vacuum/Gas Replacing Electric Furnace: VF-5000

Suitable for heating under vacuum/inert gas atmosphere.

CHN Elemental AnalyzerCE-440

CE-440 is designed to obtain accurate and reliable results, no matter what sample types analyze, using thermal conductivity detection

Micro Melting PointApparatus

In this MP Series, there are several models; high reputable model, MP-S3, MP-J3, MP-500P and also MP-1000.