Having AE-MIC Corporation and AE-MIC Trading as a partner allow us to contribute to the creation of company’s development strategy through providing knowledge on management, consultancy and organizational in the industry.

AE-MIC Corporation and it’s division, AE-MIC Trading are manufacturer in electric & electronic measuring devices as the designing & developing and manufacturing maker; considerable customers consequently adopt the product lines for various application fields.

We are honored to form this partnership with AE-MIC Corporation and AE-MIC Trading in order bringing the excellent quality to the customers.


With a huge and diverse, immensely support by the government sector, often realized HTSB’s dreams in striving the market. We are building and creating ongoing opportunities for both, government sector and us.

While working and collaborating with private sectors, we often tend to direct most of our attention to our end-product. However, we hit pause sometimes, and consider how different clients influence our workflow and how we can adapt our processes accordingly.