We calibrate instruments and tools based on standardized measurements as per established. Our technicians will measure and calibrate your instruments per your needs, such as unit of measurement type and required measurement accuracy per standards and regulations.


We do installation of electrical wiring and the permanent attachment or installation of electrical products in or on any structure.

Our practice of conducting routine inspections, tests, and the servicing of electrical equipment so that impending troubles can be detected and reduced, or eliminated.


We comprehensively handle the project needs of our client from concept to installation through support. We work alongside the sales representative to identify the customer’s needs and generate customized solutions.


Being an appointed agent of AE-MIC Corporation, Japan, we are responsible for after sales service and technical support in these Southeast regions.

HTSB’s Service Center & Calibration Laboratory now provides sales service and calibration for AEMIC for a special offer. We will assure you, only the best quality service and meet all the calibration requirements.

HTSB’s Repair Center is equipped by sophisticated and High Technology Test Equipment and Fault Locators mainly to assist our daily ask and customer’s requirements.


We understand the problem faced by many to assemble PCB. It’s either lack of facilities or skills and the problem of non-taping part for surface mount component assembly. We support small volume production board such as prototype board, demo board or test board at shortest cycle time.

Our prototype assembly group specialized in small volume production which is not effective or not possible to run by machine. We maintained a team of skilled staffs and prototyping equipment to assemble through-hole and SMD components in the PCB. Our capabilities includes mounting fine pitch QFP IC, SOIC, standard SMD components and through hole components.

Wire harness and cable assemblies manufactured by us, have been used in computers, electronics and toll equipment system. From heat resistant to waterproof, HTSB is capable to manufacture a wide variety of wire harnesses and cables to meet our customers needs.


Training for technical vocational equipment is an essential part of any vocational program. It involves teaching individuals how to safely and effectively operate and maintain technical equipment relevant to their industry, ensuring that they are equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in their field. Proper training not only reduces the risk of injury and damage to equipment but also helps improve efficiency, productivity, and overall job performance. Effective training can be provided through a combination of hands-on experience and classroom instruction, emphasizing the importance of practical application and safety practices. Ultimately, strong technical vocational equipment training programs are critical in helping individuals develop the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving technological industries.

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